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    How to Choose Flying Banner

    Date: 2015-2-6 11:26:10    Hit:

    Today, we teach people who is not familiar with flying banner to how to choose.

    At first, you should get to know that there is different shape of flying banner. In general, three shapes, teardrop, feather and rectangular. Well, any shape is OK. But if you have unique thinking on the design, then you need to consider if you need teardrop flag, feather flag or rectangular flying banner.


    Secondly, flying banners have different sizes. In general, the pole length is 2.6m, 3.4m, 4m and 5m. The corresponding height is 2m, 2.8m, 3.4m and 4.4m. Please kindly see which occasion you are going to put and if there is height limit. Most of clients would like to use 2.8m high flagpole.


    Thirdly, considering your financial situation. If there is no scruple, you can choose aluminum pole with high quality dye-sublimation printing flag and x base with water bag. We also have other bases for choice. Please see our product catalog. If your capital is a little tight, then you can choose aluminum pole with direct inkjet printing flag and x base. The biggest difference are the quality and color brightness of flags. Dye-sublimation printing flag color are more shining and more durable. But direct inkjet printing flag is also not bad, and it's more cheaper.


    After you get to know the above things, you can send your specific requirement to our email address so that we can give you a good quotation. Or if you still don't know how to choose, send us email and let us to choose for you. Welcome to send us inquiry.


    Have a good day.


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